Introducing RadarVR

RadarVR is an immersive technology which brings your viewers closer to your dealership.

RadarVR has a game-changing level of interaction with your prospective purchasers, enabling them to ‘browse’ your new car showroom with ease, from the comfort of their own home or office.

Designed to be deployed via Facebook ads, you can now enable ‘hot spots’ both inside and outside each car, and when clicked, the viewer is taken directly to your website or landing page.

So now, as long as you have your Facebook pixel installed, you don’t even need an email address to target those people who have taken an interest in your showroom. To find out more, call 0800 998 9848 today.

  • Designed for Facebook

    Drive traffic from social media directly to your website

  • Re-target without an email addresses

    Facebook pixel allows you to engage with viewers without any interaction

  • Compatible with mobile devices & VR headsets

    Hot spots allow users to explore the features of your cars, offers and deals

“In the short space of time I have been working with Radar Video I have been impressed with their flexible product and service offering. They are clearly at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry, being able to offer products such as their Virtual Reality showrooms and Instant Ad Creator.

I am amazed at the quality of the VR Showroom Radar did for our Glasgow dealership, and I can really see how website features like this can assist the online shopper in their purchase decision”

Harry Pennington – Manager – Digital Marketing

Instant Ad Creator

  • Instant video rendering in the showroom

    Simple video ad creation process – input details and click once

  • Video assets download in seconds

    No streaming here. You own the video and can publish in multiple places on or offline

  • Astonishingly easy

    Download and GO GO GO GO

Developed over 6 years, the Radar Video Instant Ad Creator platform empowers car dealerships with on-brand mini-TV style ads for social media marketing. We have now empowered the Suzuki network with a SaaS (software as a service) platform which creates, instantly, lightweight 4K quality videos which feature current quarter campaigns. Each video is branded for the individual dealer with embedded calls to action. Not only does this cut down on video production time, but because we create the ads for the network, it reduces the cost of subscribing.

If you are a vehicle manufacturer and you would like to empower your dealer network with this cutting edge lead generation facility, simply call 0800 998 9848 today. Enquiries are invited from the UK, Canada, North America and Australia.

The video ad below was created AND downloaded in under 60 seconds

Car dealer video marketing


We help you make the most of the consumers’ shift from offline to online lifestyles. By positioning your brand, dealer group or dealership in front of prospective car buyers, we assist you in starting your next customers’ car buying journey.

Designed with social media advertising as our core principal of everything we do, you can now empower your dealers or staff to generate more leads, enquiries and test drive requests. To find out more, click HERE


We cover the whole of the UK and we are uniquely placed to film any showroom in the British isles. With our own experienced videographers & editors we create stories of why car buyers should buy from you.
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On brand

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the retail automotive sector, we produce on-brand ads that engage and promote sales via FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, your own website and in your showroom.
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Custom videos

High impact TV quality videos and digital marketing solutions for car manufacturers and dealerships

Radar Video are the UK’s only social automotive video agency, working solely with dealerships to deliver powerful video solutions that maximise ROI – at a fraction of the cost of the traditional advertising portals.
We create beautiful, interactive car videos custom branded to your dealership which are proven to increase leads, enquiries and test drive requests when combined with our social media marketing methods.

If you need a video created to showcase a product launch, film your dealership, have an event coming up or simply would like your own stock filmed, we can help. Our film crew specialise in creating dynamic dealer videos which really capture attention – at prices that may surprise you.

What’s included?

At Radar Video, all of our car dealer videos are fully branded to your dealership and include:

* Your logo throughout
* Professional voiceover
* Background music
* Your offers
* Finance illustrations
* Contact details
* FCA Compliance

To discuss your video requirements or request a no-obligation quotation, please call our helpful team on 0800 998 9848 or email 

To find out more about how we can help you, call 0800 998 9848 today or CLICK HERE to request a call back

Bespoke video

Looking to commission a professional video production company who work solely with the automotive sector? With over 80 videographers based across the British isles we are uniquely placed to film any event you require. The example below was shot at the Dunblane Hydro for the Ben Scotland Ball.

To talk to one of our friendly experts, simply call 0800 998 9848 today.